2) The Prague Zodiac Chart Walk


In this walk you will be taken on a journey through your own chart projected onto the groundplan of Prague . It's an exciting and absolutely unique walk! It’s a physical walk through your horoscope – the only one of its kind in the world. A walk through your soul.


The chart itself – a handmade horoscope-map that will be given to you – is a very interesting object that you can, besides other things, consider as a one of a kind souvenir.


What you will also get with it is a list of Prague’s places intersected by your planets along with the basic information both about the places and symbolical meanings of the relevant planets. And then I will personally guide you through some of them and teach you how you can continue in it on your own. It is a fascinating enterprise.



180 USD (the PZ Chart and the walk)

120 USD (the PZ Chart only)


(In order to complete the chart-map, I will need your birth data - that is the day, hour and place of your birth.)




Prague Zodiac Chart

A handmade chart, projected onto the matrix of the Prague Zodiac. It can be used as a unique key to accessing the magic space of Prague, turning it into a personalized mystic mirror and a tool for finding the "art of peace" in one's soul.


And also it can be considered as "a piece of art" and a one of a kind souvenir :-).




How long does the walk take?

Approx. 3 hrs but it can be shortened or extended upon your request and the energy of the moment. I’ve had walks taking for 6-7 hours! So energizing was the fascination on both sides!


How does it work?

The Prague Zodiac can be considered as a living symbolic mirror between the individual and the Universe, between the visible and the invisible, between the known and the unknown that you can enter physically. When someone’s chart is projected on it, it meaningfully communicates with it. As a result of this, you can then walk through the town according to the specific lines of your planets and other chart data such as the ascendant or the descendant and perceive their energies with your own body, spirit and soul with help of the Prague’s magic space.


How do you enter this mystic mirror? Well, if you look at the planets in your PZ Chart and their basic meanings, listed in the accompanying text, and your heart picks some that it would like to engage with at  the given moment - SUN aka individuality, Moon aka instincts, the unconscious, the nurturing part of you, mother, Mercury aka mentality, communications, travel etc. – then you can visit a place or places crossed by that relevant planet and just be in that space and watch and listen - and let the space speak to you. Thus, such a walk can be a living meditation, where – while you are still aware of the energy of the planet marking that particular place in your horoscope - all your body is an ear, listening for the music that speaks directly to you.

So, if you go to The Prague Castle, into the cathedral of St Vitusfor instance, crossed, let us say, by you’re the line of your Sun (Self, identity, "self-full" individuality, father principle, male energy, will, Yang, ego, independence) you may find some resonations vibrating with you inside the church, or around it, in the historic information connected with it or just in the picture of it or in people, events or the atmosphere you meet there. The surrounding Space of Prague with everything it contains is an orchestra playing constantly, and your knowing the symbolical meaning of your relevant planet related to it might just give you a deep key to it. A key of yours. Just try and experiment with it a bit.  Everything is just a pointer. Nothing of it is really important unless it speaks to you.


What can it give me?

Every person’s presence in Prague, seen through the perspective of the Prague Zodiac, holds an atmosphere of symphony that reveals the dimension of wholeness fundamentally are in but from which we are separated quite often regrettably. It is the dimension of Heart. And this dimension can be deeply (re)experienced with help of the Prague Zodiac and the personalized PZ Chart.

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