A walk can give you an authentic contact with the town and the experience of Prague Zodiac Walks is about authenticity. You won’t be separate from it by a window of a van listening to a voice on a tape: our guides are from flesh and blood. In these walks you won’t be annoyed by superfluous information. You’ll be lead under it, towards the understanding.


Our walks are lead only in English. It means that the guides won’t tear them in parts and repeat the same thing several times in different languages – as it happens elsewhere. Their time and focus will be only for you. For your money you’ll get a quality.


To keep a comfort of the walks, we usually don’t accept more than 10 attendants for one walk. However, it’s possible to make tours for larger groups but only on a special request and only for a group exclusively. Each walk is flexible enough to either be abbreviated or extended based upon your interest.


NOTE: All walks are upon request only. They take place only after a preceding interest. Minimum interest: 1 person. To order a walk, just click on a walk and then click on Book it or just contact us via email.

1) The Prague Zodiac: The Mystical Wheel Walk

During this very instructive walk you can stroll through the whole of the fascinating and world unique Prague Zodiac and experience it straight through your skin. You’ll make thus the first insight into the theme and get acquainted with its influence on the town and the life in it. Passing through all 12 signs of the Prague Zodiac you will see the rotunda of The Holly Cross, The Bethlehem chapel, Klementinum, Charles Bridge, Prague Castle, The National Theatre, Wenceslas Square, The Estates Theatre and others. The walk usually starts over a cup of tea or coffee. You don’t need to be an astrologist. You’ll be provided with all the necessary info.


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2) The Prague Zodiac Chart Walk

In this walk our Guide will take you on a tour through your own chart projected onto the groundplan of Prague. Exciting and absolutely unique walk in the entire world! Walk through your soul! This walk is an individualized walk and has a special price.


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3) Speaking stone

Astronomic, astrologic and esoteric symbolism captured in stone of some Prague buildings in the band of Aries, Taurus, Gemini and Cancer. Included is a half-an-hour small boat cruise on river Vltava to see the remains of the second oldest stone bridge in the Middle Europe.


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4) The Enigma of Prague Castle

In the sector of Gemini and Cancer you’ll meet the center of the Czech national and spiritual past and very powerful place. Despite other tourists you’ll have a chance to understand why it was chosen in the past to be what it is today - and what it actually is.


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5) The Mysterious Ground Plan of The New Town

In the zones of Scorpio, Sagittarius and Capricorn, you will visit places unjustly omitted by traditional tourist groups. Beside others you’ll have a chance to admire an ar-gothic effort of Charles IV to make a copy of The Holy Jerusalem - when building the New Town - and hide enigmatic messages into it.


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(all walks except for Walk 2)

1-2 persons:

1800 CZK

90 USD

65 EUR


3-4 persons:

2400 CZK

135 USD

90 EUR


5-6 persons:

3600 CZK

180 USD

135 EUR


7-8 persons:

4030 CZK

200 USD

150 EUR


9-10 persons:

4530 CZK

225 USD

170 EUR


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